Famous in the German Industry

Famous in the German Tooling Industry, unknown in the UK

A lot of toolmakers in Germany use our plastic trays to prevent:Transporttrays.

  • Miscalculations
  • Damaged components
  • Increasing handling cost

We offer standardized trays

We offer standardized trays (350 mm x 250 mm) with different cavities.

Outer size: 350 x 250 mm
Material: 0,33 mm APET
Packaging: per 400 pieces
Price: 0,64 cent per tray

Want to order? Send an e-mail to verkoop@batelaan.nl with the article number and please mention how many boxes you would like to order.

standard trays.


 Examples of our standard plastic trays

5 X 9 vaks

1 X 24 vaks







5 X 9 vaks

1 X 24 vaks







4 X 12 vaksTransporttrays.