Thermoforming plastic trays

Custom made plastic trays

We have more than 50 years of experience in producing custom plastic trays for companies all over the world. We produce trays for companies like ASML, VDL and Philips. All trays are designed by our experienced thermoforming engineers who will help shape your idea into a tray.

We are the most experienced plastic tray manufacturer in the Netherlands

Depending on the customer requirements we can produce PS, PET, ABS, PVC, PC or ESD safe trays in quantities starting from 50 trays up to 50.000 trays. Because we have our own mold production department we can respond quickly to the demands of our customers and are able to deliver high quality custom made trays within weeks.

How long does it take

– You have an idea for a plastic tray

pick en place tray.

– We will send you a price for the mould and the required amount of trays within a day 

– We send you a 3D design of this tray

– 2 weeks later you recieve a model of that tray

– 2 weeks later you receive your first batch

Our engineers are able to convey with you in Dutch and English.

The technique

We use thermoforming to produce the plastic trays. A plastic sheet is heated and formed into a shape by a mould. The big advantage of thermoforming plastic trays is the relatively low mould cost and the short time to market.

Product examples

Plastic trays
Plastic verpakking.
Custom made plastic trays in the Netherlands.
Thermoforming trays.